Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble?

Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble?


Curfews only make teens want to break the rules when you tell us we can’t do something we automatically want to do it. 

When my parents say no don’t date that guy because I don’t like him. You want to know the first thought that runs through my head…date him but don’t tell him.

Or those first few years of being a teen when your just becoming interested in boys and they get all parental by checking your text messages. 

Give us space sometimes and let us know that you trust us.

I have a curfew and I haven’t had a reason to break it but plenty of my friends have broken there’s. 

Curfew’s only make you nervous about not being home on time but it also teaches you responsibility. I just don’t think having a curfew be itself can keep teens out of trouble. That teen just has to have consequences for breaking curfew. If you do then that could make more teens want to get home on time if they knew there were going to lose something.

Teens these days have to have a reason to get home on time or they won’t resulting them into getting in trouble. 

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